Receding Hairline? Don’t Reject it- Embrace it!

Receding Hairline? Don’t Reject it- Embrace it!

Fellas, hair loss is a natural part of life and something that most of us can expect to experience at one point or another. Per the American Hair Loss Association, two out of every three men will experience some degree of hair loss by age 35.

The most common form of hair loss and often times the first to present itself is the receding hairline. This type of hair loss begins around the temples and brings a widow’s peak look to the forehead. It usually begins in a man’s twenties but can sometimes occur during his teenage years.

If you’re among the millions of men who have experienced a receding hairline, there is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or try to hide it. Instead, you simply must embrace it and figure out how to make it work for you. Thankfully, there are plenty of hairstyles available for men who have experienced hair loss, and we at Clip Joint are happy to help you find one. 

The Comb Over

One viable hairstyle option for a receding hairline is the comb over. Arguably the king of all hairstyles, the comb over is a timeless look that has been stylish for as long as haircare has existed. This style looks great on men with all hair types, be it straight, curly, wavy, thick or thin. 

The comb over is a favorite among men with receding hairlines simply because the haircut complements the hairline so well. The bump in the front gives the hair a full, voluminous look that makes any hairline recession hardly noticeable. 

How you choose to part your comb over is solely a matter of preference, and every option provides a unique look. If you choose the modern hard part look, your hair will flash more of a modern aesthetic. If the hard part isn’t exactly your style, though, you can always roll with the classic side part that’s held up through the decades.

The Fade

The beauty of a fade haircut is that it will look great regardless of where your hairline sits on your head. So, even if the front of your hair doesn’t look exactly as you wish it would, you can at least ensure that the back and sides do. The fade leaves a clean look on your head, and makes it look like you’re sporting a fresh cut even weeks after your trip to the barber. 

What’s even more impressive about the fade is the variety it offers. Between a low fade, drop fade, skin fade or burst fade, the possibilities for this clean cut are truly limitless and can be catered to your liking. 

The Crew Cut

Another classic men’s hairstyle, the crew cut has provided men a clean look for decades. This hairstyle leaves the hair on the top of your head relatively short and pairs nicely with a mature hairline. All in all, the crew cut is a simple, handsome look that makes any hairline sit well on the head. 

There is never any need to feel insecure about a mature hairline, because the reality is that there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. What you can control, however, is how you choose to respond to it. By accepting and embracing changes to your hairline, you allow yourself to explore new opportunities for hairstyles you hadn’t previously considered. Once you’ve chosen that style that’s just right for you, you’ll be ready to show it off with all the confidence in the world.

– Written by Joey Patton

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